2 Responses to Angry: my life with my health insurance company

  1. Janelle says:

    OMG. That sounds like hell to deal with. NO Insurance Company should get away with such nonsense – esPEcially when children’s health is on the line. It shocks me every day.

    Being that we are about to experience what this is like for the first time with our first child, I can’t imagine what you go through all the time with your two children. But I can imagine how exhausting it is. And even more so do I appreciate your being thankful about having insurance, but my god do we all deserve SO MUCH BETTER.

    Living, breathing, essential necessities of life should be just that. Healthcare should NOT be a perk, goddammit. The sooner this damn country realizes that, the sooner we will all be better off. It’s insane.

  2. Sadika says:

    Ohhh don’t even get me started on insurance companies!!! I came close to finding the corporate office of one of mine and burning it down….now we can’t buy a house and have thousands in medical bills because they chose to reject our claims for no reason…there is a class action suit pending but who knows when and if ever we will get any of the money back to pay those damn bills!!! Just reading this post made me so angry I could punch someone!!!

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