I am a 36-year-old mother of two and wife to one, who does everything backward, and is just now trying to make my way into the world of writing. I have completed a young adult novel called Lost Angels, and am currently working on another, tentatively called Signet. I have dreams of going back to school to get my MFA, and peruse the Vermont College website in regular intervals, planning my infiltration into their YA program. I am also the vice president of the PTA at my daughter’s school, which takes up a shocking amount of time, but which is a huge passion for me.

I have decided to start this blog now, as I am starting my search for an agent, so I can drag anyone who wants to come with me on my search for my career. Again, thanks to my imagination, I know just where I want to be, but as with everything else, it’s an adventure.

Aside from my own selfish pursuits, I am obsessed with writers and playwrights, and feel a sort of panic when I think of all the things I want to read. I wish I had a whole other 24 hours for every 24 I already have, just to read. I chose the handle I did because aside from all personal aspirations, I also think (not to be overly dramatic) that books have always saved me, and writers deserve to be adored. I intend to adore the Hell out of them in this blog, every chance I get.


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